Photography History

History lecture educate students on famous photographers and the development of photography as both a commercial venture and artistic outlet. Students learn about the impact of photography on various industries, including advertising, journalism and fashion.


Working on Photo Series

The meeting will begin by working with an archive of photos (around 300 printed photos) to develop the participants’ ability to read single photographs, to expand the meaning of images by pairings and groupings, and to create a narrative thread by sequencing.


Composition and Elements of Photography

Whether you use a camera phone, a point and shoot, or a DSLR, a photographer knows the basic rules of composition and when to use them. We will break down 7 basic photography rules, discuss the examples and importance of each rule while taking a specific photo and after the session photographers will be asked to do an assignment according to the rules they learnt. At the end of the day we will discuss the photos taken during the day. Introduction to compositions (Theory/ visual slideshows + Assignment on site) 7 Basic Photography Rules: Rule of Thirds, Simplify, Fill the Frame, Framing, Leading Lines, Space, Keep Horizons Straight, Break the Rules. Elements of composition are: patterns, texture, symmetry, asymmetry, depth of field, lines, curves, frames, contrast, color, viewpoint, depth, negative space, filled space, foreground, background, visual tension, shapes .



Getting Familiar is a character/location of the photoshoot

The workshop is trying to help the participants to understand the importance of immersing themselves in the situations they are photographing. Being curious and craving to know more about your subject are the main elements for a heartfelt reportage. During the workshop, I will explain how to narrow the story down to the basics. Show the principles of storytelling by visual means, how to develop clear and sustainable ideas that are practicable schemes. How do you research your story, get in contact with the right people and get close to human beings you have never seen before? Trust is a key issue, and at the end of the day it is all related.



Voluntary Workshop (Light Painting)

Depending on the will of participants I can offer a night photoshoot to learn about Light Painting. Its a non official workshop, very interesting and a bit of fun.

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